Bondi Pilates Centre is well known and respected for the instruction of the authentic method of Pilates as created by Joseph Pilates. The studio is fully equipped with state of the art Pilates equipment.

Qualified in the classical method of Pilates Instruction, both principal instructors at the studio are certified to the New York based “Romana’s Pilates”. This method of instruction is drawn directly from the original work of Joseph Pilates himself, which is proven to achieve  excellent results  when primarily taught on a private or semi private basis.

Each session at Bondi Pilates Centre is tailored specifically to suit the individual needs of the client and every relationship is taken by the instructors as a two way, longterm partnership.

The success stories of Pilates at Bondi Pilates Centre are many…. suffice to say that the majority of the clients that walked through the doors of the studio 12 years ago, are still going strong!

All private Pilates Sessions are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.

Session types available include:

  • Private Session
  • 45 minute Private Session
  • Semi Private Session (this requires a private session to start .The “matching” of clients is at the discretion of the instructor)
  • Home Session

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